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Notodoris gardineri (Eliot, 1906), a species of nudibranch: a shell-less marine gastropod mollusk in the family Aegiridae.
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NOAA's GOES East satellite captured sunrise over a storm on 4 January 2018. The East Coast of North America woke up to an arctic chill following the bombogenesis BombCyclone storm. This type of rapidly intensifying storm with hurricane force winds in this part of the globe during winter is rare.
Bombogenesis, a popular term used by meteorologists, occurs when a midlatitude cyclone rapidly intensifies, dropping at least 24 millibars over 24 hours. A millibar measures atmospheric pressure. This can happen when a cold air mass collides with a warm air mass, such as air over warm ocean waters. The formation of this rapidly strengthening weather system is a process called bombogenesis, which creates what is known as a bomb cyclone.

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