Hooters won't require new shorts servers complained were too short

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Hooters servers upset with the new, skimpier uniforms have been granted a reprieve.

Last week, the restaurant chain, known for its scantily clad servers and chicken wings, went viral after some of its employees complained on TikTok about shorts that look almost like hip-hugger underwear.

One of the two companies that operate Hooters locations issued an updated statement over the weekend that said the shorter shorts will be optional.

“As we continue to listen and update the image of the Hooters Girls, we are clarifying that they have the option to choose from traditional uniforms or the new ones. They can determine which style of shorts best fits their body style and personal image," a Hooters of America spokesperson said in a statement, according to Pennlive.com.

Hooters will adopt a "more accommodating and inclusive image policy on tattoos, jewelry, nails, hairstyles as well as new uniform options — to include new top styles, shorts and the addition of socks," the representative added.


The other company with Hooters locations, The Original Hooters Group, said it would keep the same uniforms its servers have worn for decades, NBC News reported.

According to Hooters of America, the new design was "the result of a collaboration with Hooters Girls."

The employees incorporated the new designs into Hooters restaurants in Texas owned by Hooters of America, and the designs have since been adopted at other Hooters restaurants in other states. Hooters of America currently owns 160 of the 430 stores worldwide.

Complaints of the tight shorts went viral on TikTok on various Hooters servers' accounts.

"Love my job but don't love wearing undies to work," one Hooters employee said in a TikTok that has garnered more than 1.9 million "likes."

The same user posted a video saying her TikTok went viral and that Hooters's CEO contacted her to confirm employees will not be mandated to wear the updated shorts. The Washington Examiner was not able to confirm the claim.


Another user suggested she should quit over the "new shorts like underwear" in a video that has gotten more than 1.4 million "likes."

The Washington Examiner reached out to Hooters but did not immediately receive a response.

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