Matt Gaetz unlikely to be charged in sex trafficking probe, report says

Matt Gaetz, the Florida congressman who has been under investigation for sex trafficking as part of a long-running Department of Justice probe, is reportedly unlikely to face charges because career prosecutors believe they will be unlikely to obtain a conviction.

According to The Washington Post, senior officials have not yet decided whether to seek an indictment of the GOP representative, but prosecutors are recommending that they not do so because of “of credibility questions with the two central witnesses”.

The Post reported that “people familiar with the matter” say it is possible that “additional evidence” could change prosecutors’ “understanding of the case” but as of now it is unlikely that Mr Gaetz will ever face an indictment.

The two-year investigation was opened during the Trump administration and stems from allegations that he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl who was allegedly paid to have sex with the congressman. Prosecutors have reportedly been investigating whether a former friend and political ally of Mr Gaetz, disgraced Florida politician Joel Greenberg, procured and shared sexual partners with Mr Gaetz.

The 40-year-old House member, who represents a heavily-Republican district in the Florida panhandle, has repeatedly denied wrongdoing, but reportedly sought a presidential pardon from then-president Donald Trump before his term ended in January 2020.